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havasu 4-2 to 4-5

havasu 4-2 to 4-5


Kris,Derby (our dog)and I hit up havasu to stock up the house for the summer and hopefully get some striper blood in the boat.
The wind was kickin' 20-30mph steady with 40+ gusts' on fri. so no fishing. We went and got the boat storage unit for the summer and went to check the wind with hopes of it letting up,but no way jose'!! it was out of control. Went to the london bridge and checked ut the spring break scene. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! that was un real!!!! gotta love pasties!!!
Decide to brave the wind saturday,it was alot calmer.probably 10-15 mph w/o gusts. Hit up 2 spots i found while studying the map (i highly recommend a map studying session for those of you fishing the derby!!!!) anyways,i fopund the spots on the water,anchored up,dropped 2 lines and before we could get the others dropped,kris was on! a nice 2 lbr. we caught 2 more in 15-20 min. at that spot and decided to try the other spot. mind you ive seen people fishing these spots and didn't know why until i checked out the map.All i can say is this: Find the creek channel with very definitive drop offs and contours,anchor on the edge of the channel,CAST a 1oz carolina rig in the direction of the current,do not drop straight down,and let the under water current do the work of moving the bait,and fish on!!!!!

At the 2nd spot there were few fish on the graph,but when they are getting ready to spawn, they are so tight to the bottom,we wont be able to see the fish on the finder TRUST ME!!! we anchored,dropped 2 lines and kris was on AGAIN!! AND AGAIN!!!! THEN SHE HAD A DOUBLE,THEN ANOTHER DOUBLE!!!
Needless to say,she totally stroked the fish. We fished about 3.5-4 hrs for 13 nice fat fish! here are a few pics of the trip.
Pulled the anchor and a rock with quagga mussels all over it ,was jammed on it.These things are everywhere!

P.S. all stripers were packed with crawdads!! they are NOT feeding on shad. we didn't see one shad this weekend.not even on the graph. from what the guy at anglers pro shop in havasu said,the shad are all but gone and the stripers are getting ready to spawn.

Oh yea, almost forgot the the total slayage on sun. must have gotten 300-400 in 2 hrs........................butterflies that is, they were everywhere on rice rd. BILLIONS OF THEM!!!!!





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Re: havasu 4-2 to 4-5

sorry,cant figure out how to edit,but this was a trip we just got back from today 4-5-09.


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Re: havasu 4-2 to 4-5

Hey Jeff,

Thanks for the report. Good to see they are biting again, the last couple of weeks have been tough. Now I just need to figure out where I can get a bunch of crawdads.

Sorry about the editing thing, still working out the last of the bugs. It's fixed now though.

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